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49 people left disappearance Talley is expected to play games

After the eighth week, after the 8th week, 49 people were left off. Joe Staley had to stay in Philadelphia due to the injury of the eye. He was defended by Fletcher Cox in a CD-cut attack.

Stalley was diagnosed with the fracture of the eyelid, absent the game last week. But he recovered without slow, and on Friday, he has participated in the complete training, wholesale nfl jerseys china and it is expected to play this week.

Stalley has always been a point in the 49 people’s offensive front line, and he is present, cheap jerseys from china Jimmy Garoppolo can be safe.

Nearby Georg George Kittle and defensive end Feng Yalell – Lynch (Aaron Lynch) will not play, and the new show anti-defending line members Solomon Thomas cannot determine possible possible.