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Beijing guy Li Bojo shocked NFL, Chinese players direct access to the highest alliance may not be far

Beijing guys Li Bojo shocked NFL, and Chinese players direct access to the highest alliance may not be far away.

On December 9, Beijing time, NFL Professional Rugby Grand League officially announced a list of primary elections in the 2020 International Players. Among the 9-person list, the defensive end of Beijing, Li Bocho, is in column, becoming the first Chinese player in this plan.

NFL International Player Pathway Program was established in 2017, the main purpose is to provide an opportunity to enter the highest level of professional events from elite players around the world. In October This year, NFL invited players from 18 countries to participate in the physical test project, and eventually selected 9 elites, officially entered the international player program. Among them, Beijing guys from China Li Bojo will continue to enter NFL in the 9th place in the excellent body test.

23 years old, Li Bojo, is a hometown of the native, since childhood loves sports. After arrival of the football through the Beijing Cyclone of the City Bowl, Li Bojo quickly attracted by this movement and showed the talent in this movement. After graduating from high school, he once participated in the American University Rugby League, China Indoor Rugby League and the cheapnfljerseyscenter us Indoor Rugby League, which rapidly improved his competitive level, and also made the foundation for this time. Now, he became the first player of China’s first 9-person list of NFL. In the next time, NFL will arrange system and professional training for him in the United States. Next year, he will have a big opportunity to become a member of the NFL team with a free player or the international player planner.

Prior to this, there were many Chinese players on the NFL’s field left countless flash points, and Kailee Wong had had a 9-year career in NFL. In 2010, parents were Chinese Wang Kai (Ed Wang), who was played in Buffalobel, known as the first person in China’s football. This year, Chi Youjun joined the Los Angeles ram as a second-wheel show, and successfully took the kill and reached the battle in this season.

In China, there are also many pioneers and predecessors to work hard to enter the highest hall of professional football. Xu Xin once landed in the NFL European Union in 2006 and became the “All-Star Player” and “Best Defensive Players” of the British University Rugby League. Li Chauling as a player, has appeared in the NFL European League, and Dinglong also received an invitation of NFL Jacksonville American Tiger Team.

In recent years, with the popularity and development of rugby movement in China, the courage, tactical wisdom and teams present in sports are known and appreciated by Chinese fans. The number of rugby participants is also rapidly rising. In 2014, there were only 8 400 players in China’s organized amateur adult equipment league, and in 2019, this number increased to more than 80 teams and more than 4,000 players; Suitable for adolescents and public participation, the number of teams also increased from 36 cities in 2014 to more than 170 cities in 2019. As of now, there are about 50,000 people (under 12 years old) adolescents regularly participate in organized football training, and it is expected that this number will exceed 100,000 in 2020, where can i find cheap nfl jerseys and rugby is gradually become the fastest growing sports in China.

I believe that there is an encouragement of the rugby pioneers, there is a more step in the new generation of essential players like Li Bojo, there will be more and more rugby dreams. I hope that in the near future, we can see Li Boqiao joined, killing the figure, and you can see the five-star red flag on the stage.

come on! Li Bojo!