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Brown criticized the team veteran defensive group first-round pick cornerback

Cleveland Browns defensive veteran group of rookie cornerback Justin think – Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) need to make progress.

The team this year, the eighth overall pick in the draft of players this season, played in 14 games, starting only two games, playing time is less than 400 files. He made 1 steals in depth on the roster has been four beautiful cornerback Pierre – De Xier (Pierre Desir) exceeded. This veteran linebacker Carlos – not good enough Dansby (Karlos Dansby) eyes.

“I do not know if he could finish college to the professional arena of excessive,” Dansby told reporters Monday. “This kind of ability in his own body. He had to look in the mirror and do own such a transition. I only brought him the door but could not help him practice.” At the end of the season, cheap oakley sunglasses china criticism appears to be about to enter the break in Dansby a public attempt to give Gilbert pressure on the shoulders of some of the burden during the Games period. Perhaps Dansby think this is the best way to motivate him.

From the point of view of potential, fake oakley sunglasses there are not many cornerback Gilbert has the ability, he can immediately improve Brown’s second-line defense. The team is now ranked seventh in terms of anti-pass (opponents averaged 220.1 yards passing), If you could get a close cornerback contributions, their ranking will rise.