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Watson first show in Foxborough perfect curtain call it?

It is the third week of the regular season, but also the home of the Patriots, the Houston Texans last season and would like to visit Gillette Stadium sports competitions. However, Beijing time Monday morning game, the protagonist debut will change & mdash; & mdash; from Jimmy Patriots quarterback – Tom Gallo became Poirot and brie Seth – Brady, Texans quarterback from the Block – Oscar Wheeler became DeShawn – Watson. Like the stage, the audience unchanged, while the protagonist of the show has changed. Play, but also the same?

Last season the Patriots face twice, the Texans have not won. For the first time this season to face the Patriots, the game is not difficult to predict the outcome of the matter, Watson and rookie quarterback is able to manufacture enough trouble patriot, whether we can produce enough good chemistry with the team whether to let everyone see the hope and future, who should focus on.

Texans coach O’Brien recent interview with reporters, said that although the college game and the NFL pro game environment a lot of difference, but Watson has seen major aspects of society. “He (Watson) experienced a baptism national championship finals,” O’Brien said, “faced a noisy off-interference, faced pressure behind, although the Patriots defense is higher than the university team’s defense several grades, but I want him to do is not nervous, but he also gave me positive positive answer. “

It has been revealed, Watson first preseason performance has impressed the team front office, just because of this reason or another, only to Savage as the team’s starter. Fortunately, this “error” Halfway was promptly “corrected” in the first regular-season games. Now, the whole team are around Watson tactical system designed to help Watson rapid progress.

“He will get more opportunities to the file, as well as more opportunities and joint training of a team,” O’Brien said. “At the same time, looking back and learning through video, he will become stronger and stronger.”

The past two regular season, the Patriots defensive performance is not stable. The last few seasons of view, when faced with mobile quarterbacks & mdash; & mdash; for example, the 2012 season, Colin – Nick Capet, as well as on the Super Bowl Russell – Wilson & mdash; & mdash; the Patriots defense group is even more suited, cheap jerseys from china perhaps, the next is not suited to face Watson. Watson not only has the ability to get rid of the lateral pressure, cheap jerseys the depth of his running has become a means of attack & mdash; & mdash; on a 49 yards rushing touchdowns, and rushing touchdown of the preseason is the best illustration. So, Texans really have a chance in Foxborough on stage to show their presence?

However, the “rookie” commentator Tony – Romo does not think so, especially after he explained the second week of the Patriots and Saints game, he believes rookie quarterback Watson in the face of changing Patriots when defensive strategy, struggled situation.

“Even O’Brien look back at the video game, the face of the case files 3 3 yards, can not find out the Patriots defensive strategy,” Romo explains, “man to man defense or zone defense? Fifty percent each the possibility of it. so there may be tactical surprise you? Oh possibility, also fifty percent. you will always be in the team to guess how Biliqieke next step will be to defend. “

How many times and some of the veteran quarterback can play against the Patriots to deal with the situation based on historical experience and tactics, but only as a semi-professional game experience Watson is it? Patriots at home, in Biliqieke under the command of the Patriot record rookie quarterback to face visit is 8-0; Biliqieke coaching career, the rookie quarterback to face the record is 15 wins and 5 burden.

Texans want to win is mostly gone. But DeShawn – Watson still has a chance to compete for this gig “best actor” in the title.