Some Real Digital Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You!

Here Are Some Real Digital Marketing Case Studies To Inspire You!

We’ve released a lot of articles on different strategies for marketing and even tutorials.

In our Facebook ads examples post, we highlighted seven of our clients Click Here the most profitable Facebook ads…

…and we cut the ads in half to highlight the factors that made them successful.

The readers really did appreciate the post.

In this article we’ll follow the same format, however we’re not restricting our examples only to Facebook.

Today we’ll walk through our most popular cases studies in digital marketing by using 8 real client cases.

Let’s get started!

Digital Marketing Case Studies From Our Clients

  • Moto Trax
  • Royce Chocolate
  • Fox Cities Real Estate

Case Study #1: Moto Trax

The first case study in our list of case studies in digital marketing can be found at Moto Trax.

It’s a company that makes snow bikes therefore he offered products designed for a particular target market.

We handled SEO and social media marketing. We also performed PPC, and other website needs for these clients.

  • SEO, Website, & PPC

We secured them 78 top-of-the-line Google rankings which brought in more than 77,000 new visits on their site and $96,664.98 in sales, over five months.

There’s an enormous amount of information to digest to begin, so let’s get started by examining the process of SEO.

SEO refers to the method to ensure that your site is on the first page of search results page. Google pages of results for searches.

It happens when someone type into a search phrase that is relevant to your company.

For example, if a person does a search for “atlanta social media management company” on Bing/Google/Google (or any other search engine) )…

…then the site that’s optimized by search engines to be the most effective for that particular keyword would be first on the organic result.

We helped them to appear at the top of Google results for 78 key words.

Today, SEO is generally an approach that is long-term, it takes 12 months or more for the first page to show up.

The main reason for getting these results so quickly was their website’s time and its history.

Our client had established an authority on the web over five years, but was doing SEO incorrectly.

We were able be successful in:

  • Restructure their website,
  • create a strategy that includes off-page and on-page optimization and
  • Top search results for drive.

While we performed some other tasks for them and we’ll talk about in a moment…

…SEO was a major component of our strategy due to how they conduct business.

Since their offerings were particular and unique it made sense to position their business before people who were looking for these specific keywords.

We did that with the results of our SEO as well as PPC services accomplished for them.

Take a moment to consider your business.

Does the issue your company can solve or your service or product offers something that consumers Google frequently?

If you believe that then you can verify this that by using Google Keyword Planner (it’s free!) to find out exactly how often each search term is used every month.

For now we’d like to make it clear that while SEO is typically an approach that is long-term…

…that should not stop your business from pursuing the process, especially if your customer is active on Google looking for the services you have to offer.

  • Social Media

In the case of the social media platform we offered for Mototrax it is important to remember that you’re still able to focus on a particular cold audience via social media.

However, there’s no guarantee that they’re actively seeking products or services the moment you send the ad to them.

In that light we’ll examine the social media marketing that we carried out for them to find what was successful.

We generated over 49,000 likes on Facebook pages and more than 205 thousand video views, and over 1,718 leads, at $2.00 per lead. This was a result of advertisements on social media.

How did we accomplish this? And what did we do to make it work?

To answer the initial question, we utilized specific, objective-oriented ads to drive its marketing channels.

We ran a page-like ad campaign…

…that increased the number of Facebook page likes to $0.19 per like. That’s just a fraction of a quarter for each like!

We ran a video views campaign…

…that generated more than 205K video views for $.001 per view.

We utilized this post engagement strategy to promote the quality of their content…

…and you can get more than 300,000 engagements for $0.01 for each engagement.

Then, we conducted an effort to convert…

…to obtain more than 1700 leads for just $2 per lead.

We’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but the objective selection is vital since they’re optimized based on objective.

A video views campaign will expose your advertisement to the people in your intended audience who would most likely see your video.

However, if you target the same audience using an ad that resembles a page…

…the advert will be distributed to members of this group who are likely to enjoy your page.

All of this is controlled by Facebook’s AI and user behavior patterns that users have on the platform.

We thought it was essential to showcase every single campaign we ran.

This is because we often find entrepreneurs who are brand new to advertising enter the market and run initiatives to increase engagement…

…when the only thing they really need is the completion of lead forms on websites.

The reason why the campaigns that have worked is due to:

our client had enough money to pay for fuel our client had the funds to fuel them

We addressed every step of the funnel for marketing.

Our client spent more than $18,000 over the course of five months, and was pleased to spend that much given the results.

If you’ve read any of our posts on the marketing funnel You’ll know that there’s:

  • An awareness phase
  • the engagement phase or the an engagement phase, or
  • a conversion phase

…that your target audience typically has to pass through to be a potential customer.

The page’s likes, video’s views and our Facebook campaign have helped them increase brand awareness…

…that could be later targeted to gain more engagement from their newly-created followers, and ultimately turn these into lead.

If you’d like to know more about these results, head to our site after this.

Before we dive into the case study number 2…

…we are also inviting you to attend our latest social media ads training course that will help you increase your knowledge of advertising on social media.

Case Study #2: Royce Chocolate

The next case study in our list of case studies in digital marketing is for a well-known brand of chocolate made in Japan.

We were able to help Royce Chocolate generate a 225.25 percent return on investment by using PPC.

We recorded 287 conversions which resulted in $13,686.90 in revenues.

For a bit of background about the business, they were chosen as the most popular gift item for Japan’s culture for gifting.

After a few years they were released to 14 countries which included the U.S.

They hired us to help them increase their brand’s visibility and sales online through Google Ads.

Similar to what we talked about concerning SEO in the previous example…

…PPC is another method to ensure that your website is in the top position of results of any search term you think is relevant.

The major difference is that , with PPC it is paying Google directly for the space, and it is evident by the users who see”Ad” or the “Ad” symbol next to your site.

It’s a faster way to be at the top of results of a search…

…but the problem is that it continuously needs money to fuel. Once you cease making money from clicks you cease appearing on the site.

However it’s often an excellent option for a temporary way to get sales going immediately and see some cash flow flowing…

…while you are working on the more sustainable strategy like SEO.

for Royce’s Chocolates, they spent $4,208.14 and earned $13,686.90 to pay back! So let’s look at the way we made it.

We broke up their campaigns:

  • with various keywords,
  • with various match types

…based on the most searched-for terms we came across in our keyword research that we carried out prior.

The match types that we used in the campaign are no more in use.

The match types currently available include the broad match as well as exact match.

This is Google’s case for the phrase “lawn mowing service.” 3 words, one keyword.

If you select “broad match” targeting, your advertisement will be displayed when searches related to it are made like lawn aeration or other services.

It’s probably the least popular option to utilize because it’s extremely loose in its targeting.

Phrase Match is the term used to describe your advertisement. It means that it will only be displayed in the event that the search query has the wording of the keyword.

For example, “lawn moving service near me” or “hire company to mow lawn.”

This is the type of match that was replaced by the Broad Match Modifier which is the one we used in the campaign of Royce.

Then, we provide an option called Exact Match, where your advertisements will only show when searches have the same meaning as your keywords for example:

  • “lawn mowing service”
  • “grass cutting service”

This was our introduction to PPC match types to help you.

For this article we want you to know that we have tested a variety of terms…

…in the process of testing Broad Match Modifier as well as Exact Match to drive the results we obtained to Royce’s Chocolates.

The HTML0 ads were our most popular advertising we saw which resulted in two87 converts…

…sending them directly to the store page for the assortment of chocolates that they were promoting.

Now let’s look at an PPC case study of an individual from a completely different sector.

Case Study #3: Fox Cities Real Estate

The next case study on our list of case studies in digital marketing follows: Fox Cities Home Buyers is an organization based within Wisconsin, USA.

They purchase homes they partner with sellers and real estate professionals as well as assist homeowners in selling their property.

They contacted us to help them in their Google advertisement.

We got 95 conversions with them for $16.05 per convert…

…which is nothing when you consider the earnings generated through any closed lead real estate.

We used a similar method in that we tried various keywords, and then tested them using our BMM match type and the exact match type.

These were the ads that had the highest performance.

Each of these addresses issues that relate to their intended market, for example:

  • quick closings,
  • selling your house within 7 days
  • No fees, and
  • no appraisals.

The use of language that is attractive for their intended audience, not only increased the number of visitors to their site and helped them get the right type of leads.

People who are looking to purchase a house will not look at those ads which all begin by “selling your home”, and that’s exactly what our client was looking for.

Our ads led to nearly 40 percent more conversions the rate of conversion.

To learn more about ways to improve how to market your property in the Real Estate Market, make sure to check out this article the next.