Top Natural Dogs Treats to Store in Your Kitchen

Do you know we already have some natural treats in our kitchen to serve our dogs? Yes! You have to visit a nearby pet store no longer to buy new treats. Many fruits and vegetables can be beneficial for your pet and its health. These are nutrient-dense foods low in calories. It is much easier to feed your pets with these natural dog treats and keep them healthy and strong. Unlike dog biscuits or other goodies, they help manage pet owners’ challenges when treating pups or managing weight issues. Thus, these natural foods help provide long-term health benefits to the pet.

Check out the natural dog treats that you can serve your pet.


Apples are rich in nutrients and fiber. Like an apple keeps us healthy, it also serves as the best piece for dogs. Don’t serve the whole apple as it can be too much for them to handle. But these can be served as snacks, and make sure to remove seeds and core for the pups.

Green Peas

Green Peas are another natural ingredient safe for dogs. Makes sure to serve frozen or fresh green peas as they love it. You can also put some green peas mixed with their pet treats. Check a few affordable dog treats in India that can be great with great peas.


Carrots are rich in vitamins and beta carotene. It is a common ingredient mostly found in every kitchen. You can cut carrots into bite-size pieces and reward your pets as a treat. Some dogs habit swallowing instead of chewing, so make sure you cut each one into an appropriate size.

Green Beans

Green Beans are loaded with fiber, and dogs can eat them too. But, make sure that these cooked green beans are not seasoned.


Watermelon packed with nutrients is a healthy choice for your dog. It comprises antioxidants, vitamins C, B6, and A. Dogs can gobble up these tasty and hydrating snacks on hot summer days. Just make sure to remove its seeds as they may cause harm.


Dogs love bananas, and they provide plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals. They are a natural choice, and overeating can have side effects and may cause harm. Thus, make sure to serve in bits as they contain high sugar content.


Like bananas, Strawberries are also high in sugar, so keep a count on how much you should serve them as a treat. Dogs love the sweet taste. Also, it is rich in Vitamin C.

Remember one thing, when trying something new with your pet, make sure you are serving in small proportions and wait for your dog’s response. There can be many other natural foods that can be harmful to your pet, so make sure to search about what must or must not be given to a pet online. You can also visit a few stores that provide natural dog treats at the best price.