How to Stay Ahead with your HME Billing Mandates

The Senate has approved legislation to prevent any across the board 4% PAYGO related cuts with reimbursement from taking its effect in 2022. With PAYGO related cuts behind them, industry stakeholders have started refocusing on the final rule of DMEPOS by lining up a new champion in Congress and lead the relief efforts with reimbursement.

The rule which has been sent to the Office of Budget and Management in mid October will continue with 50/50 blended rates for the rural areas and adjusted payments amounts around the non competitive bidding areas.

Nearly all stakeholders have their fingers crossed that rule will be addressing the 75/25 rate for the non rural, non bid areas established the last year and all set to expire with the end of the public emergency. It is pretty evident that as a provider, implementing the right checks and balances in HME billing lays down the benchmark for quality reimbursement to fall in place.

The Sunknowledge extension

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