8 Celebrity Makeup Artist Hacks For Flawless Makeup

If any person knows the inside secrets to long-term and perfect makeup, it’s celebrity makeup artists in Penrith. From the foundation hacks to skincare preparation, these are the makeup tips professionals use on the most famous faces of celebrities to get ready for a red-carpet-worthy glow-up! 

Here below are 8 secrets by Celebrity Makeup Artists in Penrith for a Flawless Makeup – 

Awake your Skin with a Massage – 

Beauticians in Penrith share their important skincare methods of prepping the skin for flawless makeup application, which they have used from the very start of their careers. This technique is used to wake up the complexion of the skin. Massage is good to stimulate lymphatic drainage and increase micro-circulation as well. It is also helpful in depuffing the skin in the morning.

Use Face Oil to Highlight – 

According to our Beauticians, Face oil is the best highlighter for that natural glow or highlights after doing the makeup. It will also help in the reduction of the creases of the foundation. For extra light, they say you can use face oil on the high areas of the face for a finishing touch.

Use the Pinpoint Concealer Technique for Natural Skin –

Our beauticians in Penrith are well-known for their skin-perfecting makeup techniques. As they say – make a canvas to construct the rest of your look. Once you’ve applied, use the pinpoint Concealer technique to cover any blemishes, imperfections, and pigmentation of your skin. After blending it properly, you can add other things to the makeup.

Blot Away Excess Formula From Your Face –

After applying the foundation, split up a two-ply tissue and use one piece to blot any surplus oil to get a more skin-like finish. It’ll soak up any excess fat without leaving your skin looking cakey. This will be your final touch to your foundation. 

Perfect the Art of the Blush –

One of the most acceptable ways to look as if you have a natural color is to apply intense blush and paint over your first layer of foundation, then go back over it again with the same foundation. This traps the color beneath and creates a blush sandwich between two foundation layers. This method also allows the blush to breathe through the top foundation layer to give you a more natural look.

Apply Foundation to Freshly Moisturized Skin –

According to Celebrity Makeup Artists, using foundation without moisturizing your skin can make the foundation look cakey after some time. The moisturizer also helps in the blending process of the foundation and other makeup layers onto the skin. It also leads to hydrated and healthy skin.

Brush your Eyebrows Down to Determine the Shape –

Beauticians of Penrith also shared their go-to eyebrow tip for the perfect shape. The best way to get good brows is to start by brushing their downside in the wrong direction. It feels counter-intuitive, but it’s incredible for creating the base structure. Then, start from the high tip; draw out a basic design using light, delicate, fluffy, hair-like strokes. Then brush them back and complete the shape.

Create your Own Cream Eye shadow –

Our makeup artist says the best makeup trick is mixing powder eye shadow with Aquaphor healing ointment to create a cream shadow. You can also make a powder blush to create a cream blush. This is the easiest hack to get your favorite shade for your makeup look.

We all do exciting or just crazy things to provide ourselves that flawless glow – but none of us obtain it quite as far as celebrities. Contact our celebrity makeup artists in Penrith if you want to achieve that celebrity look.