Understanding The Complex Hierarchy of Medical Billing Services for Ambulance Billing

Having a complete understanding of the ambulance billing process in order to have an effective revenue management is very essential. In fact, apart from the process hierarchy, when you are handling ambulance billing services you also need to be aware of the changing regulations as well the legal sanctions for violations of Federal health care program requirements, all the risk areas, the enforcers and the various penalties for violations; which are equally important when managing the medical billing services for ambulance billing.

It is very important to understand that ambulance billing is quite different than any other medical billing process as it is not based on a definitive diagnosis but is treated basis when first “met” with.

With billing and the process of coding are been initiated based on the Patient Care Report filed by the ambulance crew along with the additional backing of the “run sheets” it becomes very essential to ensure a correct data entry. Accurate documentation in the Patient Care Report (PCR) is of utmost importance, and important and emphasis should be solely given for a better RCM. moreover as the single largest payor for most ambulance services is Medicare, it is also accompanied by several complex rules and regulations; thus you not only require someone with experience but one who is always unto dated with present billing policy and its system. This is why Sunknowledge today is the ultimate solution to all your medical billing problems for ambulance billing.

The Sunknowledge approach

Resolving challenges like – timely filing of claims to retroactive eligibility, coding loopholes etc, Sunknowledge experts take care of it all. Working on all the complex modifiers for ambulance services, we ensure the right ambulance claims submission with an accuracy rate of 99.9%. Reducing all your incorrect use of modifiers which often leads to longer processing time and/or denial of services; we also reduce your operational cost by 80%. With a service charge of $7 per hour, We determine all the medical necessities and ensure a billing operation that guarantees a better ROI.