A Seamless Medical Billing Services Solution Improving your Home Health Care

Currently, U.S health care billing process for patient care and home healthcare services is quite complex. In fact, for many, it becomes an extremely difficult system to fully grasp, especially pharmacists who are relatively new to generating revenue for home healthcare care services.

Today the home Health care billing is a complex area for a variety of reasons, starting from:

  • multiple payers
  • data and coding errors
  • nuances of the locations
  • where services may be provided ( i.e., institutional vs. non – institutional )
  • variation in state laws and regulations
  • the legislative process,
  • regulations that change or are updated frequently,

Furthermore, adding to the complexity abbreviations is another complex area that, if not understood, can lead to delayed reimbursements.

This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc offers an exclusive customized solution for your home health care billing. With the understanding of the basics of the current model, codes, regulations etc Sunknowledge reduces your chance of errors for your medical billing services for home healthcare services.

Taking care of all your pre and post home health care billing activities, with our comprehensive approach, you no longer have to worry about – timely claims submission, aging accounts receivable problems etc. Overcoming all your pharmacy reimbursement challenges, our experts with a series of admin and data related activities right from proper verification, claim preparation and submission; we take care of it all. Maintaining the accuracy rate of 99.9% through regular follow up and consistent management; partnering with us also saves a lot of money. Reducing the charges of pharmacy benefit manager direct and indirect remuneration fees and vertical integration; our experts reduce your operational cost by 80%.

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your sleepless night and get in touch with Sunknowledge experts solution for an improved home health care services and its billing operation.

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