5 Creative Ways to Use Neon Bar Light for Mind-Blowing Effects

Neon lamps have been around for more than 100 years.

However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that commercial enterprises began to embrace the neon vibes UK flame as bars joined the bandwagon and became unassailable of neon lighting.

Many years later, bar owners rely on the attraction of neon lights to attract patrons.

If you’re looking to use neon signs to bring back the look of a classic bar or are looking for innovative ways to integrate it into your décor and decor, we’ll show you the way you can easily do it.

Make sure to flash your name and Brand with Neon Signs

A report on the industry by IBIS World showed that Australia boasts more than 8000 bars, pubs, and nightclubs. People will gravitate to bars that exude excitement. If your bar is dull, dingy façade, you’re not in with any chance of being successful.

  • One method to stand out is using a prominent brand name and logo that could be easily enticing partygoers.
  • The incorporation of neon lights into your name and branding will:
  • It is important that patrons can easily identify your bar from a distance.
  • Make more sales as customers come in.
  • Your joint can become a neighborhood landmark.
  • Use it as a continuous, easy marketing strategy.
  • Here are a few ways to accomplish this:
  • Hang a Beer Neon Sign Logo
  • Neon signs with logos for your bar

Cold Beer Neon Sign

The bright cold beer display will stand just right outside your bar. If your bar is close to the beach or located in an area in the city, The prospect of having refreshing ice-cold drinks in the summer sun is sure to draw any beer enthusiast.

  • Name neon signs that make your event stand out
  • Check out how we illuminated Shady Palms, giving them an Las Vegas retro vibe and an amazing night view.
  • Attract Revelers with an Eye-Catching Wide Neon Sign

It’s Friday night, and a group of psyched-up friends is looking for the perfect place to unwind from the hectic week.

Although there could be several places to eat, a cheerful OPEN sign could be the perfect invitation for customers to swarm through your doors.

To make sure that prospective customers don’t get a glimpse of your open sign:

Place it in front of the bar, in a spot so that your customers can see it even when they’re just across the street.

Make use of vibrant, welcoming colors like red to make you feel more energized, stimulate the appetite, and show excitement.

Select a legible font style that is easily visible from an extended distance.

24 Hours Neon Open Sign

  • If your bar is open all day and at night, let your patrons know by displaying the following instagram neon logo.
  • Let your personality shine through with Neon Bar Signs
  • The nightlife industry has grown.

A traditional bar with the same playlist that is outdated and serves standard beverages isn’t sufficient. The customers are turning to bars themed to find distinctive, customized experiences.

If you have either a bar with a sports theme or a cinema-themed bar picking the right décor will allow you to nail the look while keeping your patrons satisfied and your drinks flowing.

What about using neon signs to highlight your theme nightclub’s atmosphere?

Here are some suggestions to get you inspired:

Basketball player neon Wall Art

Australians are passionate about sports, so it’s not a bad idea to have an establishment themed around sports. Get this fantastic Basketball player’s neon art piece to decorate your walls throughout your NBL season.

Please place it in the seating space where the most ardent fans can snap Instagram-worthy pictures while it is in the background.

Rainbow Neon Sign

If you own the gay bar, go to the party with this bright and loud neon light. It will bring the bar’s LGBT guests a vibrant glow that they’ll be able to enjoy.

It is possible to hang it near the entrance to serve as an inviting signboard or at the seating booths to provide a dramatic backdrop for selfies at night.

It can also be used to decorate your dancefloor and get the party going.

Love Neon Love Sign

  • This is a bonus sign that will make the rainbow a dazzling spectacle with love and pride.
  • Make your bar shine with Words
  • Word wall art can be a fantastic decoration piece to add some flair to an empty wall. It is also a great way to add a personal touch to your room because you can personalize the message that you’d like.
  • For a more impressive appearance in your pub, you should ditch the drab wooden wall art quotes and opt for a vibrant neon design. Choose vibrant words that will be awe-inspiring and enthral your customers.
  • Take a look at these creative designs for neon walls to decorate your bar

A Good Vibes Only Neon Sign

Happy laughter, clinking glasses, and pulsating music fill your bar. It’s a thrilling night, and what better way to convey it into words than by using the Good Vibes Only sign.

You can set it on the bar counter as an accent piece or inside the seating booths to create stunning backdrops for your photos.

It’s getting close to midnight, and after just a few shots, everyone is eager to get on the dance floor. This stunning neon wall art sign is perfect for the dance floor, letting your guests know it’s time to get loose.

Place it on the floor at eye level so that partygoers can snap pictures of themselves drunk and share them on social media. It is equipped with a remote and dimming feature that decreases the brightness.

Announce the Specials of the Day

Special drinks followed by a lively bar event are the perfect way to attract the crowd.

Alongside your legendary margarita drink, patrons are bound to come back to the lively atmosphere in your bar. Decorating your bar with stunning neon signs that show the specials of the day can brighten your bar and impress your patrons.

Here are some great ideas you could get from the following sources:

Girls Want to Have Fun, Neon Sign

It’s Ladies Night, and girls are coming out to play in large numbers. The boys are also there. The neon light will make the entire house enjoyable with its bright party light.

You can hang it as a striking piece of art on the bar counter where ladies can line up for drinks at no cost.

You can turn it into a fun game by rewarding clients who share pictures or tag you on social media with freebies. This way, you’ll get some social media buzz for free and increase your marketing.

Hosting live music in your bar can transform an otherwise dull Thursday into a heated event. When your bar’s competitors play old records, get the party going with your local favorite band and draw the crowd.

The neon light will blink outside to let guests know where to be. It could also beautify the venue where the live band will perform.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Glass Neon and LED Neon?

The main difference in glass neon is that it is packaged in hand-made glass tubing, while LED neon is wrapped in a premium, durable and non-breakable PVC. LED neon shines more brightly as compared to glass.