Know how to become a better photographer

We’ve been home for a while now, so we’re looking for the best ways to occupy ourselves to pass the time. Some opt for series and films, others for reading. And the photographers? Staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. At home, you can take lots of photos, test the functionality of your device, take the opportunity to get new equipment or progress in your technique. Read on to find out how to progress through the lockdown photo.

Browse your photos and be critical of your work

A photographer can be his or her best critic as well as the worst. Do not put yourself on a pedestal, but do not let yourself be devoured by doubt. An interesting activity may be to look in the rearview mirror and compare the type of photo you took a few years ago to the one now. Put them in perspective and ask yourself, “How have I improved? How did I change? What can I do to continue to evolve? It is just as positive to ask for someone else’s critical review and most importantly, to receive this criticism constructively and not as an attack. This exercise will certainly help you progress as a photographer.

To progress in the photo in confinement, practice the composition

Practicing composition, even if only with simple household items, can help you find other ways to frame the frame. You can spot vanishing points, ways to create natural frames in the photo, notice interesting shapes, textures, patterns. Even at home, you will certainly discover interesting shapes to give a more original touch to your frames.

Studying all aspects of your camera is one way to progress in lockdown photography.

When you bought your camera, you grabbed the user manual, took a quick look, and put it away so you’ll never use it again. There are always aspects that escape our camera and we are not sure how to make more use of them. So now is the perfect time. Check out our article, which outlines the tips and limitations to know about your camera when you buy it. Then take your textbook and dive into everything you might want to learn more about.

Make portraits or self-portraits to progress in the photo in confinement

According to DZOptics, if there is one type of photo to take in confinement, it is the portrait, if you have people around you. And if not, why not practice the self-portrait? It could give you some really creative results. To do this, all you need is a tripod or a support such as the Clampod Takeway T2. A mini tripod with a very firm grip, which can be hung anywhere using its clamps. You will be able to fix it on different surfaces and thus enjoy the most varied points of view.

Follow professional photographers on social media and observe their work

Facebook and more particularly Instagram, are full of references to follow. Much of the photography that we learn and can draw inspiration from comes from what we have seen from the practice of other photographers. Hence the great importance of observing many photos of professionals to discover their work, as well as the latest trends. 

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