Tip on Better Management of Medical Billing Services for Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology is a domain which is all about dealing with the digestive system, disease affecting the gastrointestinal tract and its disorders. However, the process of gastroenterology billing can be quite challenging for many. This is because gastroenterology billing includes colorectal cancer screening VS colonoscopies, motility and GI function studies category III codes for treatment of GERD, applying the use of correct and needed modifiers – 51, – 59 and – 26 along with documenting proper levels of evaluation and management services. For this, you not only require a pool of experienced team with the highest level of billing process knowledge but also someone to be updated with present billing mandates. In fact, gastroenterology requires special attention to effectively track underpayments that are beyond the capabilities of generic billing software and practice billing staff. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help.

Sunknowledge – a powerhouse for medical billing services for your gastroenterology billing complication:

Providing state of art customized RCM solutions, Sunknowledge today is the leading medical billing service solution for gastroenterology, DME, HME orthotics and 28 other specialties. With a dedicated account manager continuously working for better ROI and a team of gastroenterology medical billing and coding specialists, Sunknowledge further works on maximum reimbursement while reducing your overall operational cost. In fact, our expert identify problem areas such as the incorrect use of modifiers, underpayments and claims problems manage all aspects of your practice’s billing, and improve your collection in no time.

Maintaining compliance and staying regularly updated on the various coding guidelines and payer-specific protocols, we further leave no cash on the table or write – offs without the client’s consent.

Thoroughly checking and rechecking to reduce your chances of errors and also rejection rate, we are known for fixing & improving your revenue cycle for many leading names in the industry today.

In fact, taking the full charge of correct documentation management, eligibility verification and prior authorization, correctly coding, timely claims submission and account receivable management, we guarantee fewer denials. Helping you reduce your AR bucket by 30% within the first month by partnering with us, we aid you with a revenue cycle devoid of defects for your practice.

So stop wasting your time and get in touch with us for a beneficial result. As we are here guaranteeing an ROI that you have only imagined.

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