How Deadly Is Cyberbullying And How You Can Tackle It

Bullying is common in schools, colleges, universities, and offices. What happens when someone gets into your social media accounts or starts digitally attacking you? Things get horrible then. Digital devices are sensitive regarding data security, while you need to be aware of all the laws and regulations related to them. You can verify the details about your cellphone like PTA IMEI check and PTA mobile registration with the help of the PTA check online service

Rules and regulations, which are related to telecommunication, can be sorted through PTA. When it comes to crime, you need to approach the FIA. That’s what we will discuss in this blog.


An act of bullying, harassing and torturing someone digitally to defame for vengeance with the help of social media, messaging, and other web resources. It is one of the most horrendous crimes in the World. The situation worsens when the victim commits suicide or becomes mentally ill. It happens because of a lack of action against the attacker.

Types of Cybercrime/Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a subcategory of cybercrime, which has numerous categories with different factors and resolutions.

Sharing private messages

When someone shares all the private messages/personal details on a public forum or even private pictures to humiliate the victim. Mostly, It happens when someone close to the victim takes revenge.

Public defamation 

Public defamation is another type where people make groups on social media and share personal pictures of the victim. Some do that on websites. 

Unsolicited messages/calls 

It happens when someone frequently tries to contact, harasses, and threatens via unsolicited messages and calls by staying anonymous. 

Duplicate social media accounts/Masquerading  

In this type, the cyberbully impersonates the victim and shares obscene and indecent content to mentally torture the victim.

Website Creation

Cyberbullies also develop websites to post visual content to defame the victim. Some create blogs to spread rumors and wrong information with a high post-sharing method. 

Data Theft

Cyberbullying is a part of cybercrime that includes data theft, data theft is when someone steals your financial details, password, or credentials through a scam or trickery. They trap you through unsolicited emails, calls, and SMS.

Mental and physical effects

A person who is a victim of cyberbullying never remains the same. A mental trauma forms inside that person that remains forever. In some cases, victims commit suicide when they can’t handle the situation. Depression, stress, and social anxiety disorder become a part of a victim’s life. 

Cybercrime in Pakistan

Just like other countries, Pakistanis are also victims of it. Because of lack of complaints and pursuits, cyberbullies blackmail the victims for extortion money. In usual cases, females who reject marriage/friendship proposals often become victims of cyberbullying like in other countries. 

How to report cyberbullying

There are a few easy steps to report cybercrime that can help you address this crime. National response center for cybercrime-FIA is the best option to report cyberbullying. You can have their contact details of headquarter and all the regional offices from NR3C-FIA

Below are the contact details of headquarters, Islamabad.

Helpline: +92 336 6006 060

Phone: +92 51 9106 384

Email: [email protected]

Useful Tips

  • Never remain logged in on any social media account, always log out after using it.
  • Keep a password or avoid using your private pictures on your phone.
  • Never share your private photos with anyone, no matter how close that person is to you (In Secondary relations). 
  • Keep your photos on social media with privacy, which can be seen only by the people on your friend list. 
  • Even your profile picture must have the feature of protection to avoid screenshots. 

If your phone/device is lost/stolen, your social media accounts and gallery will be the most vulnerable areas. People misuse them for hideous purposes.


Hopefully, we have provided enough details to help you get awareness about Cybercrime/cyberbullying. Since social media has reached everyone’s fingertips, cyberbullying has also surged with it. 

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