Does Passing a Cisco Exam Get You a Job as a Senior Network Engineer?

Yes! Passing a Cisco Exam Get You a Job as a Network Engineer.

One of the essential skills a senior network engineer needs is an extensive knowledge of the network operating systems that will be used on daily basis (counting Cisco, JUNOS, and IOS).

Senior Network Engineer

In every organization, the IT support team is dependent on the senior network engineer for the smooth operation of their IT infrastructure. Within the established configuration, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, deploying, maintaining, and supporting the infrastructure. Additionally, you must adhere to the guidelines and practices of change management. Approximately Rs. 362,000 is the minimum salary you can expect according to PayScale.

These are the top 7 job profiles you can pursue after CCNA certification

According to CISCO, the worldwide leader in IT and networking, it works to translate how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. With a range of products and networking solutions, the company is easily adopted by businesses. This is according to Wikipedia.

Security, cloud, wireless, collaborations, routing and switching, industrial plants, data centers, and design are among the topics covered by the CCNA.

For optimal utilization of the various technological solutions that the company constantly improves or introduces, CCNA job experts are required. Thus, the company offers training and divides its IT certifications into the entry, associate, professional, expert, and architect levels.

A Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA Certification is offered by Cisco Group at the associate level. The goal of any course is to become a professional and work for an organization that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Following CCNA training, the following 7 jobs are most commonly pursued:

  1. Technical Support Engineers
  2. Systems Engineers (Fresher)
  3. Systems Engineer
  4. Network Administrator
  5. Information Technology (IT) Manager
  6. Senior Network Engineer
  7. Network Security Specialist

After obtaining a CISCO Certification for CCNA, you can choose from many different types of jobs. An enterprise environment consists of vast networks dependent on both LANs and WANs, requiring multiple-level and highly-specialized skill sets. You could use CCNA to work with Cloud, Cyber Ops, Collaboration, Data Center, etc. No matter how highly qualified you are, you will still need to acquire these skill sets to meet the diverse demands of this profession.

The prerequisites for this profession are the same as for any other profession, which means you will probably start at a lower level. The more you learn and grow, the better-paying jobs you will get, but remember to recertify your CCNA by the requirements of the course and profession. CCNA certifications are available at several levels, starting with Entry Certifications, followed by Associate Certifications, Professional Certifications, and Expert-level Certifications.

CISCO provides certifications for a specific technology or specialist certification and retired certifications, which are basically for technologies that are redundant and no longer in use.

Now you need to decide on the level of CCNA certification you should take to enter this field. Several institutes offer the course, but you should select the one that offers you a comprehensive understanding of the required field. In your search for an institute, you should look for one that provides a combination of practical training and theoretical knowledge. By the end of the course, you should be able to manage all major aspects of your CCNA job without any assistance from others.

CCNP Certified Network Engineer

As the PayScale record shows, the average pay of a CCNP-certified network engineer is $ 84,000.

These numbers are relatively high. In any case, this information is not fixed for all people.

1 Your nation directs your compensation

That is truly great pay.

2. The higher is your position, and the higher is your compensation

The other aspect of the decision about your pay is your work.

By – Passing Exam 300-075 and Getting CCNP Collaboration Badge

You will draw in great remuneration packages

Businesses that invest their time and funds in polishing their skills are considered by hiring managers as serious people.

A CCNP certification pulls in better compensation compared to when you don’t have one. However, as long you can enable your organization to accomplish its network objectives, you are in a good spot about the salary package you will draw in. As a CCNP collaboration expert, your yearly average compensation would be $ 113,603 as ZipRecruiter reports.

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