Why Should You Use myCred WooCommerce Plus to Promote Your Sales Campaigns?

Building a loyal consumer base is an effective method to promote your brand identity and leverage sales campaigns to the next level. Seemingly, coupons are an essential part to offers discounts and rewards to your potential customers that can, in return, helps users to promote sales across multiple WooCommerce stores.

For anyone not aware of coupons, there are unique codes that customers can enter at the checkout to receive discounts on their purchases. Coupon Codes and Discounts can also be used to offer you want such as, Buy one get one free (BOGO), free shipping, and many more.

What is myCred WooCommerce Plus?

myCred WooCommerce Plus is a robust and powerful WooCommerce Points and rewards plugin that assists you in awarding points to your WooCommerce store users via the myCred points management system. The most special aspect about this addon is that it will instantly award coupons to users whenever they successfully achieve a higher rank and badge. Also, partial payments and coupon options can be highlighted on the cart and checkout pages.

Features of myCred WooCommerce Plus?

Enables users to install and use this plugin on single or multiple websites along with one year of free updates and support included.

  • Award Coupons – Simply automates distributing discount coupons to the users when they achieve a higher badge or a rank.
  • Restrict Products – Users can easily limit products as per their ranks and badges.
  • Point History -Users can simply view the multiple types of point history logs from their my account page.
  • Partial Payment  Users can easily make partial payments from their point balances or coupons retrieved from the WooCommerce Platform.
  • Transits Points into Coupons – Users can simply transit or convert their myCred points into the fixed amount coupons with or without using the partial payment option.
  • Display Rewards – Users can simply display product purchase points award on a single product, cart, and checkout page.
  • Share Links – Enables users to successfully generate and share their referral links on social media, emails, and more.
  • Referral Cookie – Enables user to set cookie expiry to restrict. Once the cookie expires, no points will be awarded to the users.
  • Referral Log – Logs can be generated to record referral purchases points for the referees and referred users.
  • Reward on Cart Total – Awards users the points on the total cart.
  • Custom Message – Display the custom reward points message on the cart or checkout page.
  • Multiple Point Types – Awards the users with multiple points types.
  • WooCommerce Subscription Compatibility – Users can buy subscription products and services on a WooCommerce store via myCred points.
  • Signup Referral Rewards – Users can only earn points on the signup referral after completing the first order.
  • Attributes Addition – “login_url” and “registration_url” attributes can be integrated into the mycred_woocommerce_referral shortcode.

How is myCred WooCommerce Plus Helping Visitors for Shopping with Discount Coupons?

According to the reports, approximately 90 to 95% of consumers across the globe use coupons to make purchases. Last year, 70% of the American adults searched for the digital coupons on the store website themselves, making it the common search method.

Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving are the most popular holidays intended for online sales that generate billions of US dollars in revenue for business owners and brands globally. The customers can spend one-third of their yearly savings on discounted merchandise that is approximately saving compared to 50% of what they usually invest on your employees and the corporate venture.

Most employers and business owners are concerned about why discount coupons are crucial to leverage the sales of any business. However, digital marketers and customer retention strategists are concerned about digital promotions, discounts, and coupon codes on their websites. Also, there are several online stores available, but the most popular one is WooCommerce.

Thus, myCred WooCommerce Plus helps visitors attain benefits from the automated discounts and coupons, providing a versatile way to engage customers with essence on maintaining customer satisfaction leading towards building a loyal consumer base to promote your brand identity to the next level.

Wrapping Up

You can easily retain your customers while attracting new customers by offering automated discounts and coupons via myCred WooCommerce Plus. If you are looking to promote your online sales campaigns to reach the climax, myCred WooCommerce Plus will be the right choice for you to skyrocket your online sales to the next level.

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