KEDARKANTHA TREK | Considered to be an Interesting Trek

Kedarkantha Trek:-

If you are looking to go on an adventure through the snow trails but you’re still listing trekking spots then make sure you have not missed the glorified Kedarkantha Trek. Kedarkantha Trek will be a mesmerizing journey as you step into the world of snow and the snowy terrains on the mountain ranges with the peaceful air sliding through your soul, while tranquillity pulls you down as you trek further through the snowy mountain pathways. Considered to be an interesting trek Kedarkantha Trek guide you through the frozen water bodies, green but thick and dense dark forests with a lot of oak trees, fir trees, pine trees that emit out an ambience of you in a mysterious zone with the presence of exotic flora that elongates up and down the rocky mountain paths is a sight to fascinate you. While the snow covers the entire region that has rare species of flora and fauna living harmoniously, it will be a fascinating trek at Kedarkantha. You will find campsites to spend the night under the gleaming stars, and the mystical forests and the fluffy snow lying on the mountain paths while you are lying inside your tent are going to fill you with wonders that are ready to be discovered by the erupting emotions. You will feel the presence of extreme sanctity as you trek through the mountain roads filled with snow. The biodiversity of the Kedarkantha Trek is an enchanting one after all that draws in a large number of trekkers towards itself. The beautiful and lively and the gleeful setting of the sun over the horizon is sure to take you by wonders. The Kedarkantha summit is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Kedarkantha Trek is considered to be a moderate trekking zone for beginners to begin their life’s first expedition into the wild being one with nature. The Kedarkantha Peak is settled at a height of 12500 ft. while the beginning point Sankri is situated at a height of 6000 ft. Though your journey will be beginning from the Sankri village. If you have decided to go on trekking at Kedarkantha it is advisable to visit there during December to April after all it is an all year round trek and you will be tasting the essence of the Kedarkantha Trek in five different seasons but the winter treks are the most loved one for many trekkers. You might be getting rainfall or face the monsoons from May till  September. It is preferable to trek from December to April. And you will be able to see snow falling from the skies during your trek at Kedarkantha.

Kedarkantha Trek Itinerary:

Day 1 – Once you have reached Dehradun you will have to reach the Sankri Village (the starting point of your Trekking journey) and stay there for the night.

Day 2 – You will be trekking from Sankri Village towards the enrapturing Juda ka Talab then move towards the Kedarkantha Trek base camp

Day 3 – You will be trekking by the mountain ranges towards the scenic beauty that will be offered to you by the Kedarkantha summit, pay homage to Lord Shiva at the summit after that you will be returning to your base camp.

Day 4 – Pack your bags for returning to Sankri Village from Kedarkantha Base Campsite

Day 5 – You will be departing from the Sankri Village marking the end of your trek

You will be enthralled by the panoramic beauty of the mountain peaks while you are at the Kedarkantha summit. As you trek at Juda ka Talab you will be left dazzled by the sacred waters of the lake because of the legendary tales it was formed from the first drop of water of Goddess Ganga who was let out by Lord Shiva after she was held captive in Lord Shiva’s matted hair. The Juda ka Talab is covered in an ice sheet that surely will take you by admiration. You can locate the Kedarkantha Peak and Swargarohini Peak while you are at Juda ka Talab. The Govind Wildlife Sanctuary contains various species of flora and fauna that will surprise you, especially, the snow leopards, brown bears, western tragopans, crestless porcupines and many more animals living in the dense forests filled with oak trees birch trees, pine trees and many more.

As you trek to the higher summit you will recall the tale which contains the shrine of Lord Shiva when he tested the Pandavas while they were meditating in the form of a bull.

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