The question is should HGH be used by athletes wanting to bulk up

The use of human growth hormones, HGH, is extremely controversial for athletes. There is a huge place for human growth hormones and a doctor or a specialist would tell you that it is to treat disease. HGH and you can get many chemically designed or chemically enhanced options, are basically used, in medicine, to treat growth problems where bulking up and building muscle are essential, and to treat life treatment diseases where HGH or steroids are the answer, sometimes combined with other drugs. To use HGH as an athlete, to build and bulk up muscle, is usually illegal never mind just being controversial.

How can athletes bulk up?

An athlete can find steroids for sale (both online as well as offline)but they can also build muscle and strength and bulk up in a number of other natural ways that do not include HGH or hormones or any growth chemicals. An athlete, to be successful, needs to have grit and determination. Having some natural talent also helps, of course. Then, they need to eat well, which generally means eating food from all the food types, getting in plenty of nutrients ,vitamins and minerals, and of course, having enough protein. It is not unusual for an athlete to have six eggs before a marathon or three bowls of pasta the day before a marathon. Carbohydrates give stamina, combined with proteins which build muscle, and dairy is also important.

The bottom line is that an athlete should eat well. They can consult a nutritionist or dietician if they are worried about their weight and they can go on a healthy eating program.

Discipline with exercise and practice

An athlete should have daily exercise routines. These will have been designed in a tailor made way for him. For an athlete to improve their performance, whether for an individual sport of a team sport, practice is often the answer over steroids. Practice and training are vital and are needed and an athlete, to be the best, needs to find the motivation within themselves to work hard and to work out. The program might include time at a gym, a jog, repetition exercises if they are practicing for a ball game, swimming, team playing, and we could go on and on but it depends on the sport and it depends on the professional level of play or participation. Each athlete would have a program designed for them.

So where do steroids fit in the program? Well, they shouldn’t fit in at all unless they are prescribed by a doctor for a medical reason. Many athletes have been banned from professional sport for taking steroids or human growth therapy and some of these bans have been for life. An athlete should always consult with a health care professional before taking any supplements, although natural supplements and protein or herbal supplements are all good.

Check with a doctor before you do anything. Use professional trainers for training. Be diligent and focused. Watch what you eat. And if you are using HGH then please make sure you are using it for the right reasons.

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