Tanning Bed Tips:

For those who prefer tanning beds over spray-on and lotions, here are some useful tanning tips for guys:

1. Exfoliate thoroughly before you hit the tanning bed

Much like it is the case with spray tanning sessions, you should exfoliate your entire body approximately 24 hours before your appointment. This will prevent your dead skin peeling off afterward.

2. Increase your vitamin D intake

Within the 24 hour window before you hit the tanning bed, try doubling your vitamin D dosage as this will help your skin develop a more consistent complexion.

3. Shave

For those who don’t have a problem shaving their body completely, this will also help you achieve better and more distinctive results.

4. Pay attention to the time spent inside

This is especially crucial for the first-timers and those with no base tan whatsoever. The optimal treatment frequency would be 3 times a week, six minutes per each session.

5. Avoid using soap while showering for 48 hours

It is ok to shower within the 48 hour time frame after the session, but make sure you don’t use soaps and detergents as these will remove vitamin D collected within the outer layer of your skin.

We hope we managed to give you some useful and actionable man tanning tips so you will get the most out of your next tanning session. 

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