Most Frequently Asked Questions About Childhood Dream Jobs

Though most of us had enough ideas for childhood dream professions to last four, five, or even six lifetimes, we only live one! We look at the most popular childhood unique baby toys,  fantasy jobs from the past and present, including astronauts, physicians, truck drivers, and teachers, and make educated guesses about the ones to come.

Top 7 Childhood Job Dreams

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A well-known television personality, a singer, a nurse, or a journalist? The beauty of having high aspirations while you’re young is that you can achieve them! The following are seven of the most common jobs among children:

Has The Wiggles influenced your child, or do they simply enjoy playing with musical instruments and want to learn more about them?

Athlete – perhaps they aspire to be an All Black or Silver Fern in the future. There are a plethora of positive sports role models to emulate.

It’s impossible not to want to be a teacher when you’re surrounded by so many fantastic ones, from kindergarten teachers to those at ‘big school.’

Are you a scientist who enjoys combining glue and paint?

Veterinarian – due to all of the adorable animals, this is usually a popular choice.

Who wouldn’t want to take to the skies and explore the globe as a pilot?

Uniforms, police cars, and catching bad guys are still among the top childhood fantasy jobs today.

Our Magnetic Dream Big Play sets come in a range of dream jobs and are great for teaching kids about their “heroes.” They’re also a good place for parents to start talking about these people’s roles in our communities and the processes they take to get there.

Future Job Aspirations

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have our NappiesDirect bugs’ knowledge and opinions. We’ve come up with some plausible and somewhat far-fetched childhood dream jobs of the future based on their ideas and our own research. Can you figure out which ones are from which group?

Specialists in computer user assistance

Minecraft instructors

Mechanic for self-driving cars

Manager of drones

Tele-surgeons, 3D chefs, and robot home builders

Pilots in space

We’ve made our forecasts and listed the most popular careers among today’s and yesterday’s youth, but what are your thoughts? Let us know what you hoped to be when you grew up (and whether you succeeded), as well as your future employment predictions in the comments!

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