What diseases do rats transmit?

I’m not going to beat around the bush, this topic is very serious and most people don’t know it, but a rat bite can even kill us. These small mammals transmit diseases such as plague, salmonellosis, cholera, rabies or even hepatitis, among many others.

One of these infections known worldwide and suffered in its day by many people was the bubonic plague during the Middle Ages, which caused thousands of deaths.

Diseases that animals are capable of transmitting to humans are known as zoonoses; and how do they do it? Well, contagion can occur simply through direct contact with the animal through its bite, or indirectly, such as if we eat or drink contaminated water after having been in direct contact with the animal or with its excrement, and that in these you will find different parasites.

In either of the two cases we will suffer the same symptoms, regardless of their intensity; such as acute fever, joint pain and lymphadenopathy… we are not all the same, so we will not suffer them in the same way.

We could also have hemorrhagic fever, which is very dangerous and is caused by an infection after coming into contact with fluids, such as urine or blood, from sick rodents. If this is so, we have a serious problem.

In a schematic and informative way, we will describe in more detail the different diseases mentioned:

  • Rabies : Both domestic animals and people are the most exposed to this infection. It is transmitted through the saliva of rodents, thanks to their affectionate nibbles. After such a kind gesture, we will be able to notice cough, cramps, fever, headache and vomiting, and to finish, as if this were not enough, we will have hallucinations and we will go very crazy to finally welcome the grim reaper. OMG !!
  • Salmonellosis : Although you may not believe it, it can also infect us, we will only feel in contact with contaminated feces of these bugs. It can cause us abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and fever.
  • Ebola : This one not long ago that we have had in mind… it did a lot of damage at the international level and the worst thing is that nothing could be done. Very bad.
  • Haverhill fever : very nice she… introduces us to Mr. Chills, headache and muscle pain, which come with brand new company as joint inflammation throughout the body. This disease must be treated very well or else it will affect the “potato”.
  • Leptospirosis : It is an infection caused by a bacterium found in the urine of our friendly friend, which after contact causes jaundice and kidney failure in a few days after contact.

It is essential to have good control of the rat and mouse population in our environment, that is, good pest control.

It should be clear to us that to avoid a zoonosis, it is not enough for us to kill the animal itself but we have to disinfect 100% any surface that may have been in contact with it.

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