10 Ways to get more followers on twitter

One of the biggest challenges in social media is growing your audience. Especially when you first start out, it’s difficult to get people to notice you and begin following you on Twitter.

Here are a few ways that have helped me reach more followers:

  • Tweet a lot!  

This might seem obvious but it’s definitely not the only thing needed to grow your audience. I’d say about 10-20% of my new followers each week just fall into this category. If you don’t tweet much then no one will follow you because they assume there isn’t much content or value from following you.

  • Engage with others  

  This seems so easy right? Just tweet at someone and them to follow you… Well sometimes it is that easy. When you tweet someone asking them to follow you or asking for more followers it can actually work out very well. The key here, like anything else, is finding the right people to target and making sure your message appeals to them.

  • Be Consistent

  I know this isn’t an engaging tactic but staying active on Twitter will go a long way in helping grow your audience! You tweet all day at people who might eventually notice you and then the last thing they see before signing off for the night is some random person tweeting at them to follow them… not exactly mouth-watering material here. If you’re consistent on Twitter by keeping up with other users throughout the day efforts won’t be wasted when it comes to growing your audience.

  • Use Twitter Tools

  There are a lot of great tools out there that will help automate the process of maintaining an active presence on Twitter. I’ve found Tweet Later  to be particularly helpful in increasing my number of daily tweets and scheduling them for times when I won’t be online to tweet myself! Another useful tool is Manage Flitter , which allows you to search large volumes of users quickly so you can see who might want to follow you back or simply has lots of inactive followers… another sign they aren’t engaged with Twitter so it’s time for them to go!

  • Don’t give up  

  This isn’t always easy but taking some time each day (even if it’s just 5 minutes) to tweet can go a long way! You might not get any followers that day but the next you will and then the next… It’s like anything else, no one is successful overnight.

There isn’t really a magic formula for growing your audience on Twitter quickly but sticking with it and using some of these tips should help you increase your follower count over time.

Twitter is a popular micro blogging website. As the number of people using Twitter has increased, many have wondered how to get more followers on Twitter. Here are some ways you can increase your following:

  •  Post regularly

Twitter users tend to view those with regular updates as exciting and worth their time. If you send out tweets daily or even multiple times per day, followers will be able to see the benefit of following you. An occasional tweet does not give enough information about who you are and what value your feed provides and will not lead others to want to become friends with you through Twitter. The frequency that other users update should also be considered when evaluating which users should follow them back. Frequent posters may be seen as more essential updates over less frequent posters.

  • Be active on other social networking sites

Although Twitter allows users to have multiple accounts, it’s recommended you only use one account for your tweets. If you regularly tweet from just one account, then people who follow that account will value the information provided by that Twitter feed and may want to follow you.

  • Use hashtags for popularity

Hashtags are used on Twitter to indicate the topic of a tweet. By incorporating one or more hashtags in your tweets, you can show people what you are tweeting about, and they can search for the topic on Twitter. If a hashtag is popular, it will gain a lot of activity and due to this increase in popularity, more unfollows may follow you to try to get access to the content produced by that Twitter feed.

  • Identify your target audience

By identifying who your expected audience will be via demographics such as age range or city of residence, you can connect with those who share similar interests online. Additionally, this allows users to see how valuable your tweets are likely to be, which could influence their decision whether or not they should follow you back or follow at all. In conclusion, if it is unclear why other users should follow you back or merely follow at all, they will be less likely to take the time to do so. As a result, these users can increase their number of followers by considering how to get more followers on Twitter

Use interesting and relevant hashtags in your tweets

When using a hashtag in a tweet, remember that it is part of the message content and must be included when tweeting from mobile devices. Although it can also be added after sending from a desktop computer, this method does not add value to the content tweeted out. If you include appropriate hashtags in your tweets, other users may find them worth reading, which could influence their decision whether or not they should follow you back or follow at all.

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