Business Stationery Design Best Practices

During the Victorian era, stationery design became popularized as a crucial element of social interactions. If you are familiar with business stationery designs, you will that it comes with envelopes, letterheads, business cards, cases, and other office supplies.

In a collaborative environment, the aim is to use stationery as a means of branding. This branding extends into corporate stationery that is used throughout a company.

Business owners understand that designs of stationery create a professional image. Business stationery shows your customers that you are professional, helps you identify your brand, and makes you stand out.

Multiple companies extend their branding onto the digital or online realm. Multiple customers are familiar with the digital dimension and will be fascinated to receive business stationery from a famous company.

Creative stationery will help a company to improve its self-image, establishing its brand.

Why you should use stationery design when you can go digital?

Print and digital media often combine. You may read your preferred author in print but then him or Instagram.

This also goes for your business. Customers who interact with you via social media sites or your own website will still be interested in your printed branded materials or stationery designs.

Printed material will help your customers identify you. Your each and every business aspect will communicate your brand message.  

You will want the message and quality behind your brand to shine out in every possible way.

6 tips for creating the best business stationery design

Stationery design is a great way for businesses to communicate with customers. You can use corporate stationery to deliver friendly letters or also use your stationery designs at networking events.

Following are some tips that will help your stationery designs to come alive:

Keep it simple

It may be exciting to imagine your business stationery filled with a wide range of different design styles or elements. However, the more simple your design look, the more it will attract your recipient.

Allow certain elements to be prominent in your stationery designs while keeping the rest of your page clear. This will prevent your page from being overwhelmed and cluttered.

  • Limit your typography styles. Two different styles are most effective.
  • Minimum your colors. Three colors will keep your page uncluttered and clean.
  • Make use of white space. It helps you break up your page, keeping it clean and professional.

In corporate your brand

From color schemes to lettering to your logo, you will like your business stationery to represent your brand.

You don’t need to allow your brand to restrict you, but your clients should be able to recognize your corporate stationery as a part of your huge brand.

There are myriad ways to represent your brand. You can include your logo on your business card while also incorporating it into your envelopes. You can allow your logo to create a space between your content on the letterhead and your business information.

Be responsive

Once you have asked designers to help you with your business stationery designs, be responsive. Guide a designer and share where you will like changes and where you are happy with a design.

If you like a design, work together with a designer until you are happy with the final outcomes. If you like more than one result, ask clients or team members to create a poll, selecting their favorite choices.

In this way, you will end up with creative and professional business stationery that you can appreciate and enjoy.

Be specific

When it comes to business stationery, you will have to be specific. Determine the type of paper you will like, the colors you will use for printing, the format you are looking for, and the lettering styles that attract you.

Offer these requirements to your designers and let them know which sizes you are looking for in your corporate stationery. 

What colors will you like? Will you like your letters embossed? Will you like a fold-up business card or just a simple one? How will you print your card?

Each and every detail will impact your designs.

Organize your designs

In business stationery, the way you organize your designs will have a huge impact. You will like your stationery design to be appealing, practical, and easy to read.

  • Use hierarchy to layout your page.
  • Use typography and brand colors to break up your page.
  • Keep your colors and lettering legible.

This will make your information different and easy to notice.


When creating a brief design for your stationery design, give your designer as much knowledge and information as you can. Share any colors related to your brand.

Your designer will put together a result you will like far more easily if he/she knows the direction you are heading in.

If you have an overall idea or goal, share it. If you don’t, share the meanings and emotions you will like to create. A highly professional design is distinct from a playful one. The more you guide, the more you will succeed in accomplishing your aims.

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