Guide to redecorate the living room with low cost

To make the living room more eye-catching at a low cost, you can use living room decorations to increase the aesthetics of your home, look simple but need a lot of items to decorate the room. more pages and more eye-catching. Here are simple decorations to make your living room look more beautiful and modern

Living room wall decoration

Living room wall decoration is often mistakenly thought by householders that using neutral colors will make the space more luxurious, but this thinking is extremely wrong because the living room is where the family gathers. A hard-working day is a space for relaxing moments of the family, so choosing a color that is too neutral for the living room space will make you lose a certain comfort and make the atmosphere uncomfortable. The space is more like a bedroom than a living room.

Therefore, to decorate a beautiful living room, you need to choose a suitable and reasonable color for the living room, so you should give priority to colors that are relatively prominent a bit to bring energy and optimism after a day. If you work hard, you can stop there to rest and have relaxing moments with your small family, but the color tone often chosen to decorate the living room can be red, blue, yellow. Bring freshness to your space. 

If you absolutely want to choose neutral colors to decorate the living room, you can use cool colors such as green, gray, beige, or brown to help you feel comfortable. Then after hours of hard work. Take advantage of discount codes, attractive coupons and buy yourself colored paint cans, you can completely refurbish your living room.

Paintings to decorate the living room

The selection of paintings to decorate the living room is also a relatively difficult job because it combines many elements such as art, feng shui, and especially must be in harmony with the overall room.

If you are an individual who loves art, use fresh, colorful paintings or artistic portraits to embellish your room more artistically and also contribute to expressing yourself, your body, and mind. Show your personal interests, is there anything better than living in a space surrounded by all your hobbies.

Choosing the size of the picture is also very important, you need to know the area of ​​your room to make it convenient to buy pictures and hang them most reasonably, for example, if the space is relatively tight, you should only Use only a rectangular picture just right behind the sofa to create balance for your room. And if your room has a relatively large area, you can use many small pictures in combination with each other and arrange them according to your preferences, so that the room is more beautiful, you should use a ruler to align. Space between photos to make the room more symmetrical and harmonious. 

Flowers to decorate the living room 

Using flowers to decorate the living room not only brings a fresh beauty to your living room but also helps you filter the air, eliminate toxic gases and protect your family’s health from dust and toxic gases. 

As a personality owner and love the way, you can use stylized glass pots and plant aquatic plants or plants that do not like water like cacti, succulents and hang them on the wall. To decorate your family, although you don’t need water, light is indispensable, so you need to hang them in places with lots of light. 

Ceiling fan for living room decoration 

There are many types of ceiling fans for living room decoration, so when choosing a fan for the living room, you need to consider choosing a classic or modern fan to help the room stand out more, in addition to choosing a fan based on your needs. The size of the living room is also a determining factor in whether your room is proportionate or not, and the placement of the fan is enough to highlight the room and bring a cool breeze throughout your room. 

If you want to decorate a modern living room, use fans in combination with electric lights to make the room more luxurious and eye-catching, although it is relatively more expensive than other fans, this light will save you money on buying a chandelier to decorate the living room and help you save space optimally, because a living room can only be fitted with a chandelier or a ceiling fan, so combine these two factors. That wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. 

Wooden shelf for living room decoration 

Wooden shelves for living room decoration are a way to optimize living room space so that you can store more decorative items and help the room have more accents than just taking care of the space below. 

The choice of wooden shelves for decoration will help the meaningless wall become more lively and attractive than ever, and make the most of the space of the room to help the room become less monotonous and empty. warm and comfortable feeling for the homeowner. 

You can buy wooden shelves outside or you can buy the materials yourself. Currently, during the holiday season, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons that will help you save money when buying.

Carpets for living room

The living room rug is also a suitable decoration item to use for living rooms with wood paneling below the floor, the rugs create a luxurious and noble feeling for your home to be more attractive. 

To choose the right type of carpet, you need to follow certain rules, the first is to comply with the size rule, usually, the carpet in the guest room will be placed below the sofa, so when buying a carpet you should measure the size of the carpet. sofa set to be able to choose the right carpet with the right size to help the room become neater and more balanced, you can spread the carpet in a glass-covered style and put the Sofa set on top of the carpet or simply You can cover the outside starting from the sofa legs. 


Above are some simple items to help you redecorate your living room at a low cost. Extremely effective and quality, I hope the article will help you have a modern and beautiful refurbished living room.

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