You Can Use Wikipedia to Market Your Company

Don’t underestimate the power of Wikipedia to spread the news about your company. You can enter information about your company and its partners into Wikipedia and get some great publicity for it. If anything, a recent lesson about prank entries regarding pro wrestler Benoit and his deceased wife should illustrate this.

I highly encourage the use of Wikipedia for news about your company, its products and services, nd its history. But if you decide to use Wikipedia, here are a few useful tips:

  • Don’t ramble on about your accomplishments
  • Be objective, otherwise your company may be removed by editors
  • Don’t post information about your company too soon
  • If there is a well-known mishap, go ahead and write about it or someone else will
  • Be objective
  • Write as if a third-party source is writing about your company
  • Link to other profiles and terms from your entry
  • Don’t tell everything about your company
  • Maintain a stand of relevance and necessity with regard to personal information
  • Include when your company was founded
  • Also include any mergers or acquisitions
  • Don’t include every single product development, only the major ones that matter

Wikipedia appears on page 1 for a lot of results. It’s a good idea to add entries about yourself, but Wikipedia does favor entries that sound objective, as if anyone could have written them. Don’t make it sound like a commercial. That said, it could be a good source of traffic to your company even though Wikipedia doesn’t link to outside websites. One final thing, the best way to get information included in Wikipedia about your company is to hire someone to write about it. Wikipedia frowns upon people writing about themselves.

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