Guide to configure Dodocool DC39 Extender

Dodocool is a network extender for wireless networks. So, what’s the obvious? Is that what a wifi network extender is for, and why do we need one? The usage of a Wi-Fi extender allows us to use our devices in areas where the range is limited, such as our houses or offices. Home Router coverage isn’t always sufficient to provide a strong and constant wifi signal across the house. Devices like Dodocool dc39 extender setup come in handy to help with this. It has the ability to reach even the most remote areas of a home. It has a 300mbps transmission rate and a 2.4 GHz wireless N(802.11n) connection that can reach a distance of 100 metres. Wireless performance and stability are improved thanks to dual integrated antennas.

Installation of a Dodocool extender via WPS:-

  • The extender must be plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • It needs to be in the same room as your router.
  • The green light will blink, indicating that the Dodocool dc39 extender setup can begin.
  • Make sure your dc39 extender is set to router mode, signal repeater/range extender mode, or both.
  • Now press the WPS button on your router and the WPS button on the extender within 2 minutes. The WPS button is located on the side of the extender on the dodocool.
  • Both the extender’s and router’s WPS lights will be blinking. The Wi-Fi light on the dc39 will turn solid once configured.
  • You can now connect your devices to this extension by moving it to a wi-fi-deficient region.

Common issues during Dodocool DC39 Extender:

  • AP.SETUP is really not working properly.
  • The password for the Dodocool DC39 Extender is wrong.
  • The WiFi extender is connected, but there is no internet access.
  • Unable to establish a connection to the ap.setup
  • The Dodocool DC39 Extender isn’t connected to the internet.
  • Having trouble accessing the IP address
  • Configuration CD was misplaced
  • Issues with WiFi connectivity
  • The Dodocool DC39 Extender page appears after the WiFi extender is configured.
  • Have you forgotten your wifi range extender’s default password?
  •  The extender’s LED lights are not stable.

Ap.setup isn’t loading.

  •  Unable to connect to the wireless range extender
  •  Internet connectivity is lost on the Dodocool DC39 Extender
  •  Dodocool DC39 firmware upgrade isn’t working
  •  After the Dodocool DC39 Extender was updated, it was no longer possible to view the ap setup.
  • MAC address filtering errors
  •  Due to a botched update, the Dodocool DC39 is not working.
  • The WiFi extender is unable to establish a connection with the internet.
  •  Can’t find the name of the Netgear range extender network
  •  The DC39 Extender from Dodocool isn’t working.
  • Your WiFi range extender isn’t operating properly.
  • The red light on the wi-fi range extender is causing issues.
  • An extender reset could not be completed.
  • There is an internet connection, however it is not active.

Troubleshooting steps for Dodocool DC39 Extender:

Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve Dodocool DC39 Extender setup issues:

• Check to see if the extension is getting enough power from the wall outlet.

• Inspect the wall plug into which the extension is plugged to ensure it is not damaged or short-circuited.

• Connect to a high-speed internet connection using your device.

• Examine any wire connections. At your own risk, use any broken cable.

• Stay away from walls, corners, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, metal objects, microwave ovens, water tanks, aluminium studs, and other similar objects when using your extender.

• If Ap.setup isn’t working, double-check that you’ve typed the correct URL in the address box.

• Restart your Dodocool DC39 Extender and attempt to set it up as soon as possible.

Only use the most recent version of your web browser during ap setup login.

• Make sure your WiFi extender has the most recent Netgear firmware.

• Reset the Dodocool DC39 Extender’s settings.

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